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history club

As a history major at Manchester University, you’ll connect the past with the present, while preparing for the future. You’ll discover Medieval Europe, Samurai Japan and 19th Century Indiana – and you’ll learn how to think critically and write and present ideas convincingly. Manchester history students become teachers and scholars who are well-prepared to make a difference in careers like law, diplomacy, public service and business.

Manchester’s history program is grounded in the belief that history is more than a chronology of political events and world leaders. Go beyond to gain a greater understanding of not only events, but the inter-relations of literature, sport, medicine, science, festival, family and politics that help put them into context.

History courses explore a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the acts of governments; the effects of particular programs or policies on categories of race, class, and/or gender; socio-cultural movements, philosophies and theories; institutions, and the relations between and among groups.

You’ll also have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or even a full year in Europe, Asia and South America. January session faculty-led classes travel to Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain to experience their incredible histories first-hand.

Manchester University ranks in the Top 10 of’s 2018 report of the best schools for history majors in Indiana.